How To Wash Cashmere Woolen Garments?

Peoples respect, love to wear cashmere wool clothes. Apparels made of cashmere wool fabric provides the user with not only comfort but also a fashionable appearance. However, they may find it difficult to wear and wash on a regular basis. So here we are, coming to save you and your premium cashmere garments.

We have a solution that will improve not only the product’s endurance but also its quality. People on the other hand, are willing to pay for dry cleaning. However, it can only decrease its life because it contains toxic chemicals and processes that reduce the wool’s toughness and softness. Taking care of cashmere clothes is easy if you follow the instruction carefully. There are 2 ways to wash your cashmere clothes at home.

    1. Handwash
    2. Washing machine

Both need to be done carefully and with a little effort. You can choose anyone out of both which you prefer as per the requirements however, our recommendation will always be to use your hand while washing cashmere woolen products.


It’s one of the oldest and the recommended washing anyone should prefer. You will require a few things to complete the process.

    1. Bucket to wash clothes easily into it.
    2. In water, the temperature needs to be a little above room temperature.
    3. Wool detergent products or any other wool detergent can be used.
    • Procedure:

Fill the bucket with the water where the cloth can be sunk properly into it. Follow the steps as per the mentioned process in the wool detergent packet. Try to use chemical-free based detergent or less chemical detergent. As it will not harm your clothes compared to dry cleaning.

After using the detergent, put it in the water for a few min i.e., 20 – 30 mins.  And then wash it gently to remove the dirt or stain from it. Here the timing of keeping clothes underwater is important. Soaking the cashmere clothes for more than 30 min can make it squeeze as well as result in faded colors.

To avoid it, kindly follow the process religiously. After the wash, squeeze the water as much as possible, not too harshly. Gently, squeeze water inside the bucket. And put it under the sunlight to dry the clothes. Also, keep in mind that the shape easily changes after washing it so make sure to place it in a clean place or above some non-transferable color cloth to maintain its original size.

The above steps were easy to follow and maintain. Kindly do try it and let us know through your emails. Now let’s check about the washing machine process.

Washing Machine

Cashmere is very fine and expensive hair fabric obtain from goat. While washing cashmere woolen clothes you should take additional care. Your cashmere can shrink when washed with wrong clothes in washing machine. Though the clothes need to be hand-washed. We understand that it won’t be feasible to do it more often for everybody. So, to make it easier for you, follow the below-mentioned steps.

  1. Washing machine preferably with a feature of woolen clothes or if not, then regular one is fine too.
  2. A mesh bag, to keep the woolen cloth inside it.
  3. Wool cleaning products like Ezee, or any other wool detergent place.
  4. Do not mix with clothing that has been dyed while washing.
    • Procedure:

Keep the woolen cloth inside the mesh bag to protect them from the machine’s grinding. While setting up the machine, check for the wool setting or otherwise go with the cold wash which has “no spin”. If the option of “no spin” is not available then choose a low or gentle spin, in short at least once. The purpose behind no spin is to avoid fabric pilling.

Use a washing machine-friendly wool detergent. Otherwise, your machine ends up with some damage if not your woolen clothes. After using the right setting and detergent, keep in mind the minutes of washing it.

Too much wash or detergent can affect the quality of your wool. After washing, try to put it on a flat surface to retain its shape. And thus, this is how you can protect as well as clean your Cashmere woolen clothes.

Tip: Besides the chemical-free or less detergent, you need to be sure that it washes alone and not with other clothes. Other clothes can stain your woolen clothes or affect damage them in many possible ways.

Cashmere wool is a lovable and demanding product in the market. Cashmere wool is the only 2% of total cotton market. Now you can see that there is few cashmere wool producer and manufacturer of cashmere clothing. Nepal, India, Mongolia, China are the biggest producer of cashmere wool and Nepal considered for their best cashmere clothing manufacture facility in the world.


At least 20% cashmere garments are produced in here in Nepal which use their traditional technique to knit or weave cashmere apparels. Here, at Om Cashmere, we aim to serve our customers while maintaining quality as well as fashion. Keep reading our blogs, soon we are coming to the next topic relevant and interesting for a cashmere lover like you and us.