Cashmere Bespoke Services

Cashmere is the finest, softest, warmest and most luxurious fibre on earth and Om Cashmeres is the leading manufacturer of a variety of cashmere knitwear for men, women and children.

A bespoke piece of clothing, often known as made-to-measure or custom-made.

Clothing is the greatest way to enhance one’s own exclusive style. At om cashmeres, we offer bespoke customized cashmere clothing to provide you with a personalised, comfortable and precise fit with a unique experience. We have a luxurious and breath-taking collection of cashmere bespoke apparel for the whole family.

What could possibly be more endearing than clothing that is created to your precise size, fashion, and personality preferences? Discover our cashmere bespoke knitwear service and enjoy the luxury of custom-designed clothing in the latest style and design that complements your taste and style.

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Bespoke, Customized, & Prototype Cashmere Manufacturing

With our own textile know-how, top designers and master artisans’ craftsmanship, there is nothing that can’t design and create. As per your requirements, soft scarves, wraps, socks, sweaters, and coats, as well as custom pieces made of cashmere, merino wool, silk and other fine fibres can be created.

By choosing our bespoke service you can do following things:

  1. You can come up with your own custom design.
  2. You can choose cashmere quality.
  3. Blend with other wool (silk, sheep wool, marino wool, Etc.)
  4. Logo and label design.
  5. Complete privacy of your design.
  6. Fast Delivery (all over the world).


We offers bespoke and customized services for following products:

  1. Cashmere suits
  2. Cashmere knitwear
  3. Cashmere sweaters
  4. Pashmina shawl
  5. Cashmere overcoat
  6. Cashmere luxury brands
  7. Silk or pashmina scarf
  8. Other cashmere accessories


As a client, you may work on the concepts from our collection, or we can work with you to come up with something unique, tailored to your needs, size, colour, and pattern. Regardless of the nature of your concept, we will pursue the best way to produce it for you, down to the smallest detail. It will then be carefully crafted exactly to meet your needs, in terms of style, size, colour, and design, if needed.

Additionally, our expert embroiders can also create stylish embroidered monograms and or logos for you at a reasonable price.

The exclusive product thus crafted is handed over to the client only after ensuring it is exactly in line with the order. This custom-made luxurious cashmere fabric makes every occasion exceptional and may be worn all year long, whether it is winter, spring, or summer.

Our company takes pride in offering premium bespoke or made-to-order pieces, catering to each of our client’s signature styles with our uncompromising commitment to quality and service.

Our ability to listen to and interpret customer’s; multifaceted needs has made us a popular partner with many brands.

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Do you fancy any of our cashmere apparel but would rather prefer to customize the embroidery, colours, sizes, or wool content to better fit your client’s needs? Just speak with us for a trusted personal service.

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