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Knitwear is clothing that has been knitted. Knitting is a method of making fabric by interlacing loops of yarn, called stitches. Knitting produces a flexible fabric composed of a series of rows of connected loops. One side (the “knit side”) of the fabric is smooth and nearly flat; the other (the “purl side”) has a distinct, regular appearance. The two sides are joined by interlooping: when running along adjacent rows, the yarn at each point in a row passes alternately over and under its neighbor(s) in the next row.

Knitting and weaving are two different processes that produce two different kinds of fabrics. In weaving, the threads run straight in parallel lines, either lengthwise (warp threads) or crosswise (weft threads). By contrast, in knitting, the yarn follows a meandering path forming symmetric loops symmetrically above and below the mean path of the yarn. These loops can be easily stretched in different directions giving knitted fabrics much more elasticity than woven fabrics. Depending on the yarn and pattern, knitted garments can stretch as much as 500%.

Characteristics and Designs of Knit Fabric

Knit fabrics have an elastic quality because of their knitted structure, in which loops are formed of yarn that are subsequently interconnected into a textile structure. Knits do not have a woven fabric; however, the system of warp and weft threads that is traditional for other fabrics is preserved. This elastic quality explains why knitwear can stretch.

Types of Knit Fabrics

Manufacturers use two basic knitting methods, warp knitting and weft knitting. In warp knitting, the yarns are arranged vertically. This directional method of knitting produces fabrics that are knitted in the lengthwise direction (vertically). Weft knitting involves using yarns that are interlocked horizontally.

Cashmere Knitwear Products

Knitted Cashmere Garments

Garments made from knitted fabric are known as knit garments, while those made from woven fabrics are considered woven garments. Examples of knit garments include t-shirts, polo shirts, innerwear such as briefs and bras, sweaters and hoodies.

Knits and woven garments can be compared as following:

Knit garments are softer and more comfortable than woven garments and tend to be more stretchable, making them ideal for athletic wear, especially when compared to woven fabrics, which are stiffer.

There are two general methods of producing knitted fabrics—warp knitting and weft knitting—and each method results in a variety of types of fabrics.

The Production of Cashmere Knitwear

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