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Why Choose Us?

In this competitive era, we understand that our customers require reasons to choose us. Hence, we provide plenty of them and a few from them are mentioned below. Take a look at it and decide whether you don't want to choose us or want to choose us, though we know that you will pick up the latter.

Chyangra Pashmina Trademark Label

Chyangra Pashmina is a globally known trademark registered in more than 47 countries. It is a trademark logo that certifies and authenticates the standard quality, environment friendly and no child labor. The quality is verified and approved as a superlative and finest cashmere in the cashmere industry. We are delighted to apprise you that we have the trademark logo on our tag.

Bespoke Services

What if you get a chance to design your own clothes? This thought has surely passed through your mind. And we are here to make it real. We believe our customers are as creative as our products. And so we provide the service of personalized designs. There is an artist in every one of us. We just need to bring it out. Here, we offer the liberty to customize the apparel's design and enhance it with a personal touch. Come and share your precious input in styling the outfit. And dress it with confidence and pride.

White Label/Private Label

We believe in individuality. We believe every person owns an identity and uniqueness. And this is one of the reasons we provide the service of the private label. We attach your name's label on the garment as per your order. This service solely has brought a bright smile to several customer's faces. And their smile motivates us to do better each time.

Top-Notch Quality

Our 20 years of the journey is itself represents our top-notch quality. Our customers don't need to think twice before buying from us. They are assured about the quality we provide. Our quality is our responsibility and we carry on this duty to serve the finest quality. More than you we are concerned about the quality we serve. So, you don't need to think about the quality. The nature of our cloth is warm, soft, comfortable, yet stylish. The fabric and designs are of the prime quality.

Delivery Assurance

We know how tough it is to wait for the box of enjoyment. And this is the motive we ensure about the timely delivery. We have tied up with some of the punctual courier services. Hence, the delivery of the product is as per the committed timelines. We are capable to deliver to any county in the world like United State, Canada, United Kingdom, Germany, Italy, entire European Union countries, Australia, New Zealand, Japan, Etc.

Reasonable Price

We all know that cashmere products are counted in the luxurious brand and the reason is its rich quality. We understand that you need your favorite products at a fair price. After all, price matters. And so we are here to dispel your confusion. We provide our stylish and comfortable products at a reasonable price. And our regular customers just love this benefit.

Trending Designs

We know how significant it is to be updated with the latest fashion. Attires would never be the reason to feel FOMO (Fear of Missing Out) for the customers of Om Cashmeres. We are quick and quirky with fashion. Often we style our designs with the latest trending fashion. Our passion is to style the attire with the trending designs while making it comfortable to wear.

Trusted Brand

Trusting a brand requires time. And we had given it to our customers. We have been serving for 20 + years. We have established and nurtured our relationship with our customers by giving them valuable products and services. They have confidence in our products and our purpose is to strengthen it with every time we serve.

Getting a package of timely delivery, top-notch quality, trending designs at a reasonable price is something that a customer looks for. And we understand this. So, we serve this package to our customers and give them the reason to choose us every time. Purchasing the product from us is truly worthy.

We are elated to serve you with our products and services. Kindly check out our latest trending designs and grab your favorite attire.

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These are the reason why people choose us to give their customer a quality and premium cashmere apparels.