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Addition Works Done by Skilled and Traditional Techniques.

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Pure and Authentic Cashmere Manufacturer In Nepal

Welcome To Om Cashmeres

Pure & Authentic Cashmere Manufacturer in Nepal

Around 20 years ago, Om Cashmeres (Om Pashmina and Craft Udhyog Pvt Ltd) was founded with a mission to create and deliver the finest grade cashmere and pashmina garments from Nepal. Our main goal is to produce and offer only the top-notch cashmere and pashmina products to our customers while ensuring their complete satisfaction and maintaining high business ethics.

At Om Cashmeres, we take pride in being one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of cashmere garments in Nepal. We are committed to keeping up with the latest techniques, structures, shades, colors, and fashion trends in the clothing industry to provide our customers with the most fashionable and high-quality products possible.

We believe in utilizing the best quality raw materials and expert craftsmanship to create our luxurious and fashionable cashmere and pashmina products. Our team of experienced professionals works closely to ensure that each product meets our high standards of quality and durability.

We understand that our customers expect only the best from us, which is why we always strive to exceed their expectations with our exceptional products and services. Our customers' satisfaction is of utmost importance to us, and we continuously work hard to achieve it.

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Our Wide Range Of Cashmere Garments We Manufacture in Nepal

Cashmere Ponchos - Cashmere Poncho Wholesaler Manufacturer

Cashmere Poncho

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Cashmere Sweaters - Cashmere Knitwear Manufacturer

Cashmere Sweaters

Our cashmere sweaters are designed for every occasion, and to suit all. We offers Round neck sweaters, v neck sweaters... Read More

Cashmere Jumper Sweater Manufacturer

Cashmere Jumper

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Cashmere Accessories

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Cashmere Cardigans Wholesale Manufacturer

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Cashmere Shawls

Cashmere Shawls

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What We Do


Nobody is unknown to the most luxurious Pashmina. This high-quality clothing is made from the finest Cashmere wool. The name Cashmere derived from Kashmir…


Knitting is a popular and very old technique for making fabric from yarn. Originated in the 5th century in Europe and became popular around the globe. Knitting is…

Hand Embellishment

A special form of art, hand embroidery consists of needlework and motifs. It includes both a little imagination and hands-on experience. It is…

Stencil Printing

Printing at Om Cashmere is known for creating vibrant patterns that work with contemporary as well as traditional designs. Among them is…

Best Cashmere Bespoke Services


With Om Cashmeres bespoke knitwear services enjoy the comfort and luxury of custom-made knitwear of the latest style and design that reflects the unique tastes and creativity in contemporary fashion.

We produce luxurious custom cashmere clothing for men, women and children and focus on upholding the highest standards of the custom-made Cashmere tradition.


From the wide range of options that we offer, various styles can be created according to market demand. You can customise clothing by choosing from various styles, sizes and colours that we offer. In addition, you can also choose from a variety of fabrics and fabric blends that we manufacture.

At Om Cashmeres we create superior Cashmere Bespoke collections for top-class clients around the world.

Custom Made or Made to Measure Cashmere

After-Sales Care and Repair Service

As cashmere specialists, we pride ourselves on offering a unique ‘After-sales care and Repair service’ that breathes new life into your beloved cashmere garments.

Having crafted, shaped, and cared for cashmere for over 20 years, our team of expert craftsmen can professionally recondition and repair your favourite cashmere garments to bring them back to their former glory.

Our team of experts will thoroughly assess your garment and use invisible knit patch technology to make any minor repairs such as holes, snags, damaged knit, pulled thread, or any general wear and tear. The missing buttons are replaced.

Unwanted bobbles (pills) are removed from the surface. Stains, if any, are removed by carrying out a professional wash. The garment is then steam-pressed to shape and then returned beautifully wrapped, looking like new within 2-4 weeks.

Why choose Om Cashmere

Why Choose Om Cashmeres

There are many reason why choose Om Cashmeres for your Brand Store. We uses the finest quality of cashmere wool to weave cashmere shawls, mufflers, scarves, warmers, blankets and other products. Further, using the best of classical techniques, international designs are embellished into the garments, bringing out a product that can be held up to all the benchmarks. Being a cashmere manufacturer we at Om Cashmeres believe in top quality and authenticity in our products.

Why Choose Om Cashmeres

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