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Foremost, diving into the history of Cashmere to acknowledge its richness. Cashmere has been manufactured in Nepal, Mongolia, and Kashmir for eons. The word cashmere is derived from the word Kashmir as the procession of cashmere was first developed from this region, making it the general name. It is written that Mir Sayyid Ali Hamadani noticed the comfort and fineness of the Ladakh goat wool and he made a pair of socks. He gifted it to Sultan Qutubdin (The king of Kashmir back then). The sultan too was astonished by the cashmere’s attribute. Ali Hamadani purchased the goat from Ladakh and advised the King to initiate the shawl weaving in Kashmir and that’s how cashmere wool came into utilization.

Before jumping into the benefits of a knitted cashmere cardigan, let’s discover a bit about cardigan history.

Here, how the cardigan got popular. The term Cardigan is derived from the name of James Brudenell, 7th Earl of Cardigan (British army major general). The anecdote behind it is, Cardigan wore it during the Crimean war which he won subsequently. The popularity and greatness of the event was the same for the garment. Brudenell invented the cardigan as he realized that the tail of his court accidentally got burnt. From there on the variety gets to keep adding to it.

The reason it is A MUST in your wardrobe

  • It is never out of fashion, it is everlasting

The fashion of flaunting it never goes off the track. The reason behind it is simple, it is the most ancient yet modernized fabric. It has a variety of colors, design, a technique that makes it unique, knitting method, and so on. It is something you can rely upon to go with the trend. Either you are planning to go on a vacation or just getting ready for a cozy night out, you can simply grab this and wear this without a second thought.

  • It looks elegant and classy

The fabric is so soft and it is the reason that makes it look elegant. When you wear this it instantly adds elegance to your grace. If you are going to a meeting and feel what to wear then here is your go-to outfit which is sophisticated yet stylish. You can pair it up with plain contrast jeans and get ready to show your confidence.

  • It is comfortable to wear

I am sure that you can wear the cardigan before. And this is one of the reasons you are here to buy this. And while buying you are excited to know more about it and hence you end up here opening this article to read. I understand your fondness for this product because who will not like something that gives them comfort. The moment you wear it, you feel the warmth it brings through the fabric, and hence it is comfortable to wear.

  • It can go with any other outfit

The reason people still love a cardigan is because of the variety it brings. You can wear a cardigan with simple and elegant accessories. Or you can wear it by wearing a plain top inside it. It can go with your classy boots as well as your simple slippers. You can imagine it,right? See how much variety this outfit brings to the table. And this is one of the strong reasons to have it in your cupboard.

  • It owns a VARIETY

Whether you are talking about its design, color, pattern, and even size for that matter, it owns a different variety. Pondering how it brings size? Let me remind you that either you wear a fitted cardigan or an over sized cardigan, both are in fashion and look cool. From the vintage look to the off-shoulder look, it has maintained its diversity. And coming to the color either you buy black, white or grey or choose a bright color it is going to look trendy.

Cashmere Cardigan Manufacturer And Wholesaler

Since our cashmere factory started in 2001 in Nepal, We have exported cashmere cardigans to the retailers in Europe, Canada, USA, Japan, Australia. Now its more than 20 years in cashmere manufacturing, we always receive supports from our customer.

Our designed cashmere products sell by world biggest clothing brand. Their customers only like to wear cashmere/pashmina clothes which manufactured in Nepal, because Nepal known for their traditional handcraft and knitting technique.

If you’re buyers and wholesale buyer you can contact us for manufacturing of knitwear like sweaters, cardigans, jumpers, etc.

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