Stencil Printing On Cashmere Garments

Printing at Om Cashmere is known for creating vibrant patterns that work with contemporary as well as traditional designs. Among them is stencil printing, which involves supporting an ink-blocking stencil on a woven mesh. This stencil allows organic ink to be induced into the mesh in such a way as to send sharp edged images onto a surface when the mesh is pressed.

The stencil enables a precise application of organic ink. The roller, commonly referred to as the squeegee, has to move across the stencil and push or pump ink through the mesh threads in open areas. Silkscreen printing and serigraphy are other names for stencil printing.

Textile printing is a highly skilled art form requiring finely tuned processes for production. The process involves applying natural or synthetic dye to textile materials according to a specific design or pattern, often using stencils.

Textile printing has been regarded as a highly distinctive art form in India for a number of years. This craft has made up a considerable percentage of its global exports since its inception. Fashion-conscious women all over the world greatly value and appreciate the cultural significance of weaving and printing.

As a company, we at Om Cashmere, guarantee that the imprints are created with the highest quality organic dyes and are tailored to each order precisely. The embroidery designs from Om Cashmere stand out because of this fact. In modern times, Om Cashmere embroidery design on cashmere clothing is among the most luxurious embroidery styles available on the market.

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