Hand Embellished Cashmere Shawl, Stole, Scarf, Jumper

A special form of art, hand embroidery consists of needlework and motifs. It includes both a little imagination and hands-on experience. It is mainly an art of creativity. Clothing and furniture decorated with hand embroidery have become commonplace.

Handicrafts have a special beauty for us. Our handmade designs and embroidery, and all of our products, are superior to our competitors in design and quality.

Our Kashmiri embroidery work is famous for the smooth, expert manner in which a single stitch is utilized to create elaborate designs. It is common for Kashmiri craftsmen to use various embroidery techniques. Some of them be like:

    1. Crochet Embroidery: is a chain stitch. It is frequently used to produce chain stitch rugs, pillow cases, and cushion covers. A chain stitch rug is made of wool or art silk that is woven all over, giving a carpet like appearance.
    2. Needlework Embroidery: “Sozni” is a needlework technique that is used to make Pashmina shawls, woolen shawls, jackets, and salwar kameez and sarees. Compared to other fabrics (cotton, silk, wool), the work done on pashmina is noticeably finer.
    3. Silver and Gold Embroidery: TILLA is a type of embroidery used for ladies cloaks (pheron), shawls, and salwar kameez. An imitation gold or silver thread is used for this type of needlework embroidery.

Our hand embellished fabrics are a type of needlework from the Kashmir region of India, also known as kashida embroidery. This is one of the most beautiful forms of embroidery in the country, distinguished by its use of a single long stitch to make the design.

This is what makes Om Cashmere’s embroidery designs extremely unique. Today, Om Cashmere’s embroidery is considered one of the most gorgeous types of embroidery in the world. As cashmere clothing manufacturer in Nepal, we always receive the request of embroidery design on clothes like scarf, stole, sweaters, etc.

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Om Cashmeres is a premium cashmere garments manufacturer in Nepal since 2001. We are producing cashmere clothing from last two decade and fulfilling our client request like custom embroidery design on sweaters, and other apparels. Do contact us for more details!

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