Custom Knitwear Manufacturer – Knitting With Cashmere Yarn

Many years ago, cashmere was the yarn of high fashion and chic. Cashmere is composed of the soft, fine hairs around the neck and underbelly of the cashmere goat, which lives in the Himalayan mountains of Mongolia, China, and India. Cashmere yarn can be eight times warmer than wool yarn. Our cashmere products is 100% authentic and very lightweight. It isn’t bulky or chunky at all. Aside from its versatility, this is one of the reasons why it is the fashion industry’s favourite material. Despite its feminine look, it is also comfortable and not too bulky. There are approximately 6,500 tons of it manufactured worldwide each year. Because of its fine fiber structure, the garment retains your body heat and therefore keeps you comfortable.

A high-quality, SGS-tested yarn is used to make knitted cashmere products that can be found under the brands of clothing companies worldwide. We have a variety of sweaters, pullovers, cardigans, and other cashmere accessories for both men and women, as well as for children. With the cashmere wool, you can wear a light cardigan, or scarf during the warmer summer time, along with short denims, shirts, and skirts.

With the use of advanced software, we are able to combine the best of both worlds to produce a fashion product of great quality. With multiple hand-knitting machines, we are able to produce large quantities on short deadlines without compromising on quality. Until the cashmere products have been proven to be quality-guaranteed, they are not labeled in our cashmere factory in Nepal and this is what Om Cashmeres is known for.

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