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Nepalese Hand Stitching Techniques

Hand stitching is an old and easy stitching technique for mending clothes. Earlier most of the stitching was done by the hands only. Now people use machines for stitching. But the hand-stitching technique is still used for providing precise results in Nepal. For the custom-made design, people use hand stitching embroidery as they can achieve beautiful outcomes. This stitching technique is widely used for sewing various fabrics like cashmere as they are very delicate to be stitched by machine. This method requires lots of time and dedication.

Types of Hand-stitches

Most of us only knew the straight or basting stitching techniques. But there are lots of other hand stitching types. They vary from design to design.

    1. Straight stitching is a basic technique that is mainly used for tucking and mending.
    2. A basting stitch is similar to a straight one but they are a bit longer stitches. Backstitch is used for attaching fabrics and doing embroidery designs. Before sewing machines, all the strong stitches were made by this technique.
    3. Catch stitch is used for finishing hems. It is mainly used for lining the garments.
    4. Slip stitch is also used for the hem finish to look invisible and clear. The buttonhole stitch technique is widely used for closing the raw edges of heavy fabric like blankets. It is also used for embroidery. Some other hand stitching patterns are fell, overcast, and whip stitches.

Advantages of Hand Stitching

Beautiful Hand-Stitched Designs

Custom-made goods never go out of fashion. People love wearing customized items. Hand-stitched customized clothing like sweaters is always the best outfit to rock a party. These hand stitching designs may look simple but took a lot of time. Sewing a flower on a sweater with hand-stitching using only thread and needles can take a whole hour. If you want a beautiful hand-stitched scarf or sweater, always search for the best. Nothing can beat the traditional stitching techniques. Some people have been doing this job for generations. From top stitches, buttonhole, to basted stitches, all is done by the hands only.

Durability of Apparels

While talking about strength, hand-stitching is more durable. If a thread breaks, the piece of clothing will not separate and it can be fixed easily. Whereas, machine sewing can get you into difficult situations. The second a thread breaks, it will unravel and the two pieces will get separated.

Incompatible in Quality

Hand-stitching is incompatible in quality and strength. However, making the whole apparel using hand-stitching needs a lot of time. Now the embroiderer uses a hand stitching machine to reduce the time. This machine is way cheaper than heavy-duty stitching machines. People use it for running stitches. Using these machines with hand-stitching results in beautiful customized clothing.

Creative Design and Traditional Look

Cashmere is a very soft fabric and can’t be stitched with heavy-duty machines. Hand-stitched cashmere apparels like cardigans, sweaters, gored skirts look very beautiful. People also use cashmere sweater hand stitching machine which reduces manpower and time. But for embroidery, all the cashmere clothing is mainly done by hand-stitching as machines can’t provide precise patterns. Cashmere keeps you warm in the chilly cold and the traditionally hand-made designs make it more luxurious.

Hand Stitching Over Machine Sewing

Truly, there is no match of hand stitching. Today most of the stitching is done by machine due to the speed. Sewing machines are multiple times faster than hand-stitching. But the quality differs a lot. For precision and delicacy, we still use hand stitching. No matter how many hours it takes to complete, the results are always beautiful. In hand stitching, we use a simple running stitch whereas machines use the locking technique.

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