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Jumper Sweater

A jumper is a sweater in British and Australian English, it is also called a pullover (cause it can only be pulled from the top). A jumper is created to provide warmth and comfort during frosty weather. It is also used for casual wear because it has a style and it is comfortable to wear. It is used on diverse occasions from casual wear to a cozy dinner party.

History of Jumper

It was in the 15th century when the fishermen from the island of Guernsey were seen wearing this apparel to protect and warm themselves. But, the jumper got popular in 1921 through the Prince of Wales when he got a portrait painting wearing the apparel.

How Cashmere Jumper Sweaters are Made?

The process involves foremost choosing and collecting the cashmere, wool, cotton, etc materials. Then they are made by knitting or by crocheting. The knitting and crocheting process is done by machines, hand, and or by using the blend of both to bring out the best designs and comfort.

Different Types of Cashmere Jumpers

As the jumper is without any buttons or zips that cover the entire front area. The couple of variations it owns is in the neck style and sleeve style.

The most famous neck styles are a crew neck, V-neck, turtle neck, tennis sweater, etc.

  • Crew Neck Jumper

Crew neck jumper is a closed necked jumper that is mainly used for protecting and providing warmth. It can be enhanced by styling it with a bow tie or a simple tie.

  • V-Neck

V-neck is a popular one known by almost every jumper lover. It is worn for the same reason. Also, it provides a bit more comfort if you are in not-so frosty weather as it is not a closed neck jumper.

  • Turtle Neck

Turtle neck style jumper is used to showcase the richness while it provides the same warmth. This type of jumper provides a style statement that you must have seen in the movies. Wearing it with a coat gives you a lavish look while helping you to feel snuggly in the cold weather.

There are different styles for the sleeves as well.

  • Full-length Sleeve

The full-length sleeve is popularly used by the jumper owners. They use it because it gives protection to the hand and warmness that makes it fully comfortable.

The 3/4th sleeve is majorly used as a style statement if it is worn with the cool and vibrant color shirts while maintaining the contrast between both.

  • Short-sleeves

Short-sleeves can be understood by their name. It means a short sleeve that reaches only before the elbow. The jumper admirer loves it because it is the most comfortable wear. The half-sleeve provides warmth as well as the air to feel the freshness.

  • Cap sleeve

Cap sleeve is the fondness of women. This style holds elegance and grace while providing the basic need. It can be paired with contrast jeans and some fragile accessories.

  • Sleeveless  Jumper

The sleeveless jumper is also known as a vest. It is majorly paired with a funky shirt while using a dissimilar color to make it look more captivating.

Use of Pure Cashmere Jumper

    • Jumpers are used to protect the man’s and women’s from cold and provide warmth in the super-cold weather.
    • Diverse range of jumpers holds varied style statements.
    • It enhances the personality if worn with confidence.
    • The apparel is the epitome of opulence because of its looks and style.
    • The jumpers can be worn in the office, get-together, cozy dinner parties, etc.
    • Jumpers can be enhanced by using the right and perfectly suited accessories.

The Wholesale Production of Cashmere Jumpers/Knitwear

Om Cashmeres is one of the largest knitwear producer in Nepal and supply cashmere product like jumpers to all over the world.

Our cashmere knitwear production facility in Nepal has capacity to produce thousands of jumpers/knitwear in a month. From last 20 year as a cashmere product supplier in Nepal & India, we have achieved many milestone and always successful to satisfied to our client or even our end user.

Looking for Cashmere Jumpers in Wholesale

You’re at right place! Om Cashmeres is known for their pure and authentic cashmere product manufacturing in Nepal & India. Let schedule a call for more details about our services. You can also fill your requirement through contact form.

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