Cashmere/Pashmina Stole

A cashmere stole is a ladies’ fashion garment, worn as a wrap around bare shoulders, typically while wearing a dress. Every stole is not necessarily a cashmere stole; in fact, many different luxurious fabrics are used, such as fur, satin, silk, or organza.

Cashmere is a type of wool from the Kashmir goat, and is a soft, expensive, and warm fabric that is available in many different colors, making it a popular choice for this type of garment.

Cashmere Stole Producer in Nepal

The stole is a band of silk embroidered with gold or silver thread, 2 to 4 inches (5 to 10 centimetres) wide and about 8 feet (240 centimetres) long. The same color as the major vestments worn for the occasion, it is decorated with figures of saints and symbols of office.

How Cashmere Stole Manufactured in Nepal?

Being the top manufacturer of cashmere and pashmina stole, we have built a process for making attires. Different fabrics are used to make these stoles. But we can assure you that the demand is high for silk stole. Varied fabrics are collected to get a variety of stoles. Then following the same process, we add designs in the stole through the printing process. And that is how our popular yet inexpensive stoles are ready!

Cashmere Stole Manufacturer

Uses of Cashmere Stoles

    1. The two primary reason to use a stole is quite obvious, first one is to get the warmness.
    2. And the second reason is to use it for completing a style.
    3. As there is no size of the stole, one can wear it without thinking about their body weight transformation.
    4. Stoles have no size and this is what women love about them. Cause this also gives them a chance to exchange and show variety.
    5. Though it looked simple, one can make it glamorized by showing their creativity with it. One can use this stole in times of hurry. Wearing it with a plain top and simple jean just looks like a, WOW!

Diverse Styles of Stoles

    1. The first style of stole that makes it outstanding from other apparel is the choice it provides in the fabric as well. We have silk, cashmere, and other fabric stoles.
    2. Some eye-catching plain stoles are fabricated only with a single color.
    3. Another design is a pattern design where the same type of pattern is printed all over the stole.
    4. A mix of vibrant colors is always the first choice of our leading ladies. Don’t ask us why, but if still, your curiosity builds, let us tell you a secret. Multiple mix color stole helps ladies to wear it with multiple outfits.
    5. Fringle is added part in stole that steals the show, every single time. These fringle looks strong and fragile simultaneously.

Varied Style to Carry Stoles

    1. Stoles have a varied styles to carry. You can fold the two edges making it a triangle. Wrap it around your neck and tie a knot in the front. It will give a cool look to any costume.
    2. This one is similar to the previous one. You just have to make a triangle from the stole and then wrap it around your neck. Tie the knot and then take a ring take it through the edge bringing it a bit higher. A beautiful ring will enhance the beauty of its holder.
    3. This one is the most common and trending one. Just fold the stole and wrap it around your neck. After this, take the open-ended side and cross it through the other size. And keep it like that only. It will give a soft and cool look.
    4. Take the stole and wear it around the neck and keep both the open-ended side in front. Then take one side and again wrap it in the neck taking the end part in front again. Carrying this look is quite popular and well as easy to try.
    5. Jacket one is a bit harder to style but the outcome worth it. Fold the stole and then tie the knot 2 times. Then open it and you will find 2 hollows. Wear it through your hands and the edges of the stole will come in front. If you have fringle stoles, it will take the look to another level. It is a must-try.
    6. Open the stole and wear it from back to front. And then take the edges behind wrapping up your hand and tie it in the back. It will give a funky look which is best at outings.
    7. Again here take the open stole from back to front and tie it 2 times. Make sure the stole cover from shoulder till elbow or just end before the elbow.

A bit More About Stoles!

The origin of the stole is uncertain, though it is believed to have derived from a handkerchief or secular scarf. Deacons had worn it in the 4th century in the Eastern Churches. Later, people started wearing it on the west side. Originally called orarium or orarion, it may have been used for wiping the mouth. In the 9th century, the Latin term came into existence, named stola.

Cashmere Stole Wholesale Manufacturer

Today stole has become a fashion accessory, especially for women. The uncountable benefits it gives the user are immensely popular among young women. There is always a special section for these stole. And you will hardly find any female wardrobe without this beautiful apparel.

Additionally, we believe that a female wardrobe is incomplete without this stole. And so, to cut down this distance between a young lady and a stole, we are here to serve our end-users through our suppliers.

We have multiple designs in stole and we provide customized designs as well on bulk orders. Being a cashmere clothing manufacturer, we are proud of the products we sell. And, once you see the quality, you too will be proud of your choice.

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