Pure Cashmere Fabrics to Premium Apparels

Here at OM Cashmere we highlight a craft – “Knitting, Weaving, hand stitching, hand Embellishment and Stencil printing” and how it’s being adapted, rethought and remade for the 21st century.

Expert Craftsman Who Design Cashmere Clothes

Our cashmere craftsmen at Om Cashmere have specialized knowledge to resuscitate traditional patterns and design new ones, they have a sense of value in their work.

Handmade Cashmere Apparels for being artisanal, long-lasting, unique and truly one of a kind. With Om Cashmere explore your personal style and express yourself through your Cashmere garments for which quality is the foundation of sustainability.

Why? Well that’s because true sustainability is when something is used for long lasting and for good. And Om Cashmere are known for their true sustainability.

Hand Stitching of Cashmere Garments

Hand Stitching is a great option for precise and decorative stitches. While machine stitching is much faster and relatively convenient, Hand Stitching can be just as durable and reliable. That’s why we prefer Hand Stitching.

The market is filled with diversities in cashmere apparels. So as per individual preferences, people can choose to wear anything that they like.

The market is filled with two type of categories of clothing-

  • Machine Stitched Cashmere Apparels
  • Hand Stitched Cashmere Clothing

Both are comfortable and beneficial to the wearers in their own ways.

In modern era machine Stitched Cashmere apparels ruled the entire market. But Hand Stitched Cashmere apparels never went out of demand. It still exists with a huge fan following all over the world.

Hand Embellishment Techniques

One generally looks for certain traits when it comes to choosing an appropriate cloth. If these traits are found, they choose to wear the selected apparel.

Traits include good quality, cost efficiency, embellishment, weaving patterns and Stencil printing designs of cloth and a final garment i.e. the glamour to make a good impression before mass of people. If these above qualities are in it, it is likely to be purchased.

People prefer to buy hand embellished over the machine embellished because of the strength, durability and uniqueness it encompasses.

Hand Made Vs. Machine Made Cashmere Garments

Poor Quality And High Quality Cashmere

Preparing handmade Cashmere is extremely laborious and time consuming. Weavers take care of the minute details. Therefore, these normally cost more.

Machine made Cashmere are produced in bulk, the whole slot is identical. On the other hand, the handmade is known for its uniqueness and for its special treatment.

Any type whether machine knitted or hand knitted may look good if the individual is comfortable wearing it.

Overall statistics reveal that the demand for handmade clothing is increasing. Om Cashmere sells almost handmade cashmere daily. This is because of its custom made characteristics and its quality.

One of the biggest advantages of handmade Cashmere is that they are environmentally friendly due to purity.

Be it handmade or machine made, cashmere has to be such that serves individual purposes. If one is interested in getting a never-seen-before type stencil printed embellished cashmere, it is advisable to choose Om Cashmeres hand weaved apparel.

“A cashmere that any weaver weave is like his second baby”

Every weaver has his own dreams to weave, imagining nature’s growth, opportunity creates blooms and thoughts become the final weaving cashmere.

Our hand weaved cashmere is an investment. The cashmere is durable and can be easily mended, and does not have to be disposed off just after one season or due to some tear. The purest quality fabric is chosen carefully, and you have a say in the choice of color combination and weaving pattern, embroidery and design printing.

Hand weaved cashmere used to be associated with only haute couture. They are gaining popularity as people become more aware of the advantages at personal level and for the environment as well.

Cashmere made by hand are unique and exclusive, and stand out among the trend-driven, machine made cashmere. Besides, Om cashmere is transparent- you know where the raw material is driven from, the working conditions and so on.

Specialty of Om Cashmeres

  • Best quality fabric
  • You can upcycle you own cashmere
  • Exclusive style and design
  • Eco friendly
  • Natural color
  • Health benefits

Nepal – A Market of Cashmere Manufacturers

Nepal is a growing market for Cashmere manufacturing. Major Nepali manufacturers are dealing worldwide in machine made Cashmere but we Om Cashmere are famous for our pure fine quality Cashmere made by hand weaving, hand stitching, hand embellishing and hand stencil printing includes pashmina shawls, pullovers, sweaters, scarfs, socks, ponchos.

Buying a single handmade cashmere ultimately connects you to the weaver and artesian and their livelihoods. At Om Cashmere every cashmere apparel is unique to the person who made it as it is a consequence of their knowledge of skill, experiences, capabilities and inspirations.