Do you have Cashmere clothing/apparels? Do you even know what Cashmere is? If yes then you’re at the right place and if no, then also you’re at the right place. Because we are going to get an idea what cashmere wool is and how to check the differentiation between Poor and High qualities of Cashmere fiber. So that you know what you’re actually getting in return to your hard earned money.

So Let’s Begin..

Identify Pure Cashmere Fabric

Cashmere is a gift of fiber from nature (curated from cashmere goat) which is considered as one of the precious and luxurious products out of all the garments. It’s highly rated for having soft texture, light weight and yet insulating.

The products made by 100% Cashmere wool are not only comfy and stylish but it also gives a look of high quality material. And the best part of Cashmere products is that they are durable, sustainable and can comfort you according to the season for e.g.: In Winter, it gives warmth and softness whereas in Summer, it’s comparatively light in weight wise.

To make cashmere apparel cheep, cashmere mix with other wool like cotton, sheep wool, etc. This is called cashmere wool blend fabric. Companies who is manufacturing blend cashmere knitwear tag them with percentage of cashmere and other wool.

Now after understanding what cashmere is and what benefits it provide. We need to know how to find out whether the cashmere thread is 100% real or mixed or blended with other materials.

How to Check Cashmere Fabric Quality?

Quality Check of Cashmere

Cashmere’s quality can be identified through parameters such as the type of yarn used, length and how fine the fibers are used collected from Cashmere goats. Also, it depends on how longer the knits are, if fine fiber is used then there is less chance of product to pill. In addition, it restores to its original shape much faster than with short fibers.

There are many ways to check the quality of real Cashmere while you’re out to purchase from store, boutique or any high end shop. Out of which we’ll discuss some easy points that can help you to differentiate the quality product from low grade.

Note, assuming one is purchasing physically we have mentioned all the points below.

    • Glance at Label

The first step is to take a cashmere product and glance through its label. Mentioning the quality and material used for manufacturing the product is compulsory. So, if it’s read 100% Cashmere than chances are that it is made from high quality. And if it’s mentioned like blend, different percentage is mentioned with different material used than it’s a mixture Cashmere.

    • Know the Price

Next level is to know the price. High quality product is expensive, especially when it’s a limited and time consuming resource. Price point is an important factor to identify whether the cashmere is top notch or not.

    • Quality Check

Both label and price would not justify completely whether the cashmere product is 100% authentic or not. So our next step is to check out its quality. The major difference one can find is through the touch to product. The softer it is, chances are more that it is made of high quality fibre. Always compare 2-3 different price of products to understand its quality much faster. How? Rub the product under your chin, to know the softness level. Also, if any of the products make you feel itchy or rough than you know what to do.

    • Stretch It

Well, the answer is the real, 100% authentic cashmere product has a feature of going back to its original shape irrespective of how many times you stretch or wear it. However, the lower quality of cashmere product tends to take time or don’t go back to its original shape. Even if this is not work, then another method is to look through the product. If you can see through it than it’s made up of low quality product.

    • Pill – Fabric Comes out of Product

You will wonder, does cashmere too pills of. So the answer is yes, it does but depending on the quality pilling occur. Good product will have comparatively less pilling than the lower quality product. Just rub your hand on the product to check the quality. And the amount will automatically tell you the grade of cashmere is used here.

One can purchase real cashmere products such as sweaters, in colors like black, white, custom made sweaters for men and women through wholesalers, retailers etc.


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When it comes to cashmere, you need to take charge of your budget and understand the kind of quality you can expect within that budget. Since cashmere is an expensive and limited product, it’s crucial to take care of it with the utmost care to ensure it lasts for a longer time.

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