Taking Care of Premium Cashmere Garments

Being the manufacturer of Cashmere and Pashmina clothing, our end-users always asks us a question that we have been answering for decades. And the question is, How to take care/pamper of cashmere wool products?

This is quite a common question with entrancing answers. We thought why not write a blog to help you discover your quest. So, here we are with another blog to help you understand how to pamper your luxurious apparel.

Foremost, Cashmere and Pashmina products are like babies, they are super-soft, warm, beautiful, and attractive, and so they deserve your pamper, attention, and care. We have curated the tips to take care of this luxurious apparel direct from the experts in this industry. Let’s dive straight into the blog.

Taking Care of Cashmere Fabric At Home

If you’re a owner of cashmere fabric clothing like sweater, cardigans, poncho, scarf, etc the you must read this blog. Here we will discuss how you can take care of you premium cashmere apparels at home easily.

Cashmere/pashmina are the epitome of opulence attire. A certain way is required to take care of it. As it is made from natural products we recommend you to take care of it in the most natural way possible.

Step by step guide to taking care of this luxury product:

    • Wash it with a Natural Cleanser or Baby Shampoo

As we told you that cashmere woolen products are like a baby, you can literally use baby shampoo to clean it. The reason is simple, as the product is fragile like an infant, it requires the same amount of attention and care. Using a baby shampoo help in cleaning the attire while maintaining its beauty and vibrant colors.

Being said that, we would also recommend you to clean it with a natural cleanser. As this style statement is made from natural substances, a natural cleanser would help it to live longer than you may expect.

    • Dry it with the Support of a Towel

This is something usual you must have heard and that is because of the importance it holds. Drying your cashmere product is a simple yet significant task. Never skip it due to low energy or some other small reasons. Never wring it. Once you with the washing, be gentle with it. Lay it flat on the dry towel and keep another towel on top of it.

Press lightly and let the towels soak the excess water of cashmere apparel. Once the excess water is removed, keep the cloth on another dry towel, giving it time to dry. Never keep it in the direct sunlight or with other clothes, both can damage the real and natural color of your apparel.

    • Store it with Cotton or Linen Bags

After taking care of your wardrobe’s pride keeping it like other dresses won’t look good. Your special attire requires special treatment. If you are planning not to use it frequently due to weather or anything, you need to take care of it a bit more.

So, when you need to grab it during your cozy dinner party, or a casual party you can get it as fresh as it was when purchased.

After following the above process, take your attire and fold it softly. Try to fold it fewer times to avoid lines on it. After folding it keep in cotton or linen bags that help the apparel to take the breath.

This helps in preventing moisture in the apparel. While packing it in the bags just keep some natural moth repellent to avoid moths in your charming attire.

    • Keep in a Clean Wardrobe

This is one of the significant yet ignored aspects of taking care of the cashmere product. If you have followed all the above steps for taking care of your delicate and super-stylish attire, we would recommend you go a step further to unlock the last level of pampering your masterpiece.

While storing it in the cupboard, make sure the cupboard is clean. Keeping the cupboard clean would ensure that your attire doesn’t get in contact with any dust or mist leading towards retaining its uniqueness and softness.

    • Take Professionals Help

If the label says that you have to dry clean it and you think that you don’t have enough time to take care of your luxury cloth, then we would recommend you to take help from professionals.

Additionally, ensure that you are taking the help of someone you can trust entirely. We would advise you to check what process they are following and make sure they apply a gentle cleanser. Inform them about the stain on the cloth (if you have any), so that they can take extra care of it.

Bonus Tips: How to Care For Cashmere Clothes

    1. Wash it after wearing for 3-4 times but make sure there is no stain or odor on it.
    2. Try not to use perfume, excessive accessories.
    3. Take care not to spill stainable beverages or even foods for that matter. Because prevention is always better than cure.
    4. In case your favorite attire gets the stain, foremost be calmed, we understand that watching your favorite attire getting stain is daunting. But, stay calm and wash that particular area with a gentle shampoo, we are sure the stain would be removed if you are taking the action quickly.
    5. Use the fabric comb to remove the fuzzball from your garment.


Following these things are more than enough to take care of your stylish apparel. Om Cashmeres is a manufacturer of cashmere apparels, wholesaler, & supplier in Nepal. We have a team of professional craftsman who can custom design the cashmere clothing like sweaters, cardigans, ponchos, jumpers, stole, scarves, scarf, and other cashmere accessories as per demands.