What to Wear During Winter?

Autumn is about to end and winter is around. It’s time to take out your padded jackets and mittens. In winters, you not only dress up for good photos but also to prevent cold. Layering is always the best and necessary style for the winters. People find it difficult to maintain fashion in layering.

But a few essential pieces of clothing like pure cashmere sweaters and a bit of styling can make your winter photos perfect! The fabric must be warm and soft for winters. Some fabrics lose insulation when they get wet. If you have sweating problems then don’t wear those fabric clothing. Try clothing that looks amazing even in below zero temperature.

Woolen Winter Wear

For winters, woolens are always a good option. But why? There are certain other fabrics but people usually prefer woolen clothing. The fabric is obtained from millions of sheep around the world. Wool is a natural protein fibre and very calef. There are other natural fibres also but not in that much good quality. If you’re a retail store owner you can offers beautiful cashmere sweaters made in Nepal in wholesale at very good prices. Styling these clothes looks very elegant. For outdoor activities, you can style your designed crop woolen cardigans with warm leggings and long boots.

Cashmere Winter Wear

If you are into fashion and trends, cashmere is for you. This is the ultimate layering fabric. No other fabric is better than cashmere knitwear for winters. Wearing other fabrics on layering feels very heavy and makes you look fat. But pure cashmere knitwear (sweaters, jumper, cardigans, ponchos, etc.) are very light-weighted and incredibly warm. Prices of cashmere or pashmina are higher than other fabrics but worthy. Wearing cashmere ponchos not only keeps you warm in minus temperature but also looks fashionable. Wearing cashmere apparels allows the skin to breathe and prevent sweating. For an office outfit, wear a formal cashmere jumper and layer it with a long blazer. You don’t need many other layering and can slay everyone with a formal-casual look.

Cashmere Winter Wear Manufacturer

Cashmere Knitwear Manufacturers in Nepal

Cashmere clothing is manufactured in only a few country like India, Nepal, Mongolia, China. Cashmere sweaters from Nepal are better quality than other countries. The Himalayan cashmere goats live in extreme cold and their fur is super cozy. This clothing style is perfect for every occasion. If you are attending a ball or a party; wear a long cashmere sweater dress with matching footwear. Your cashmere outfit is itself a brand, the quality talks a lot. Indeed, you find cashmere clothing a bit costly but you can wear it for years. Your pure cashmere sweaters won’t wrinkle or fade if you keep them with care.

The top-quality cashmere knitwear manufacturing in Nepal and India is considered the best in quality and design. OM Cashmere entered the knitwear industry to drive revolution and export records in number to countries of Europe and America.

Fur or Faux Fur

People have been fur to prevent cold for like a millennium. Earlier, there were not many fibres for winters and fur was obtained by only animals. But today, we can go for the faux fur. It is made by using several fibers and provides good warmth. Wearing a fur jacket is like a fashion statement. Wear other fabric and then layer it with a fashionable fur jacket and you are good to go.


Cashmere clothing is popular worldwide. However, there are only a few Asian countries that export the best quality cashmere and have wholesale cashmere sweater markets. Among them, Om Cashmeres is one of the biggest exporters and runs a cashmere sweater factory which also produces hand-knitted cloths and woven scarfs, stoles etc.