Nepal - Cashmere Knitwear Manufacturing Hub

Cashmere knitwear manufacturers in Nepal and India have set the benchmark. The knitwear is famous and exported at a high price to European countries and other parts of the world.

Using top-quality fabrics in cashmere knitwear manufacturing gives tough competition to cashmere sweater manufacturers around the world.

The collection of custom cashmere sweaters is sold through the B2B model in wholesale. The knitwear is available in different sizes, fits, and colors. We have an exclusive variety of pashmina sweaters that are warm and available in xl to 4xl sizes.

In Nepal, cashmere wool sweater factory take care of all the genders and knit the stylish and trendy stuff. From the normal to luxurious and most expensive cashmere sweaters, we cater to the needs of people.

Our wholesale supply of black pure cashmere sweater collections and white cashmere sweaters is always in demand.

Well, you must buy from a cashmere clothing manufacturers who supplies the wholesale knitwear orders to get the best price on the quality products.

Since the establishment of our manufacturing unit in Nepal, we are continuously working and have always been dedicated to developing creative designs as per customers’ needs and expectations.

By using authentic and high-grade cashmere sweaters, we manufacture all kinds of products with rich fiber and trendy knitting patterns. Some of the advantages of buying from us include:

Unique Cashmere Knitting Patterns

Cashmere and Pashmina Manufacturing Company in Nepal

Cashmere Sweaters manufactured in Nepal are famous all over the world for their softness, warmness, smoothness, and durableness. Every design pattern represents a stylish pattern with a blend of Nepalese enriched culture.

Available raw material, hard procedure to knit the wool, inadequate excess, and hand knitted method of manufacturing all of these things make cashmere fiber products quite expensive and a luxury items.

Superior Quality Cashmere Knit Fabric

Quality Cashmere Clothing Manufacturer

Every product undergoes a quality check for using natural and pure 100 percent cashmere wool.

Our wholesale supply to various countries including Australia reduces the cost of sweaters and provides us ample opportunities to explore more designs and patterns. Our inimitable way of coloring the pure wool and manufacturing it with a hand knitted procedure creates a quality product.

Proper care and attention are paid to every lot and size, color, and shape are ensured while delivering the order.

Cashmere Knitwear Wholesale

Authentic Nepali cashmere is taken from the Himalayan goat/sheep (Chyangra). They provide superior quality fibres to make durable, elegant, soft, and warm premium quality sweaters. The freshness of every piece makes it a luxurious wholesale product worldwide.

Except for Nepal, pure and authentic cashmere can be found in different parts of the country including India, China, Tibet, Mongolia, Iran, Afghanistan, Australia, and New Zealand. But Nepal has become the number one choice for cashmere clothing.

Fashionable Rise of Luxury Pashmina Product

Cashmere woolens are always in fashion but commercial trading and online selling have created a bigger marketplace. Today, cashmere sweaters from Nepal are in demand by fashion freaks. This has created an opportunity for Nepalese to showcase their artwork and heritage sketch drawing skills with wool.

The adaptation of cashmere wool fiber as a popular and pricey textile started in Europe and eventually in North America. Now almost every part of the world people likes to add cashmere fabric products to their winter collection.

The Cost of Cashmere Knitwear Products

As you can visualize, there is a chain of processes from the collection of natural wool to convert it into a fine product and then marketing it. The more refined process helps in reducing the cost.

The wholesale orders justify the cost and the manufacturers can supply premium quality products. Sometimes, the same pattern and design are to be knitted. Such orders reduce the cost of a single product.

At our manufacturing unit, we aim to process from goat to garment as one entity and build fashionable designs.

Maintaining Word of Mouth

When it comes to knitwear, there are several varieties and types of wool used. The original cashmere wool is tough to get. We have a structured process to get the original fiber and then choose to knit with the hand-knitted patterns.

For us, how much ever the quantity increases, we don’t compromise on quality. To achieve this, we have a warehouse to store the collection.

Cashmere is a finicky fiber that can easily lose its shape or fall prey to clothes moths who love to snack on its natural fiber. We make sure that our products are neatly packed and the fiber is closely woven. .this helps in prolonging the life of sweaters with their original shape and size. However, heavy machine rotations might spoil it.

Let’s Summarize!

For wholesale retailers, it’s like a jackpot filled with bucket full options. You can choose the products or as a retailer, you can also place a custom order with a cost-effective option.

Why wait? Place a wholesale order to cater to your needs with the cashmere jumper, cardigans, poncho, and sweaters manufactured in Nepal. We would like to have an association with you.

Setting up a new store with cashmere jumper, cardigans, sweaters, poncho having a perfect fitting, different colors, warm and comfortable can be your new business. Reach out to us for further discussion!

You can contact us for details information about your requirements, delivery time, location and price.