The word ‘Cashmere’ itself sounds luxurious. Wearing Cashmere not only keeps you warm but also gives a lavish look. Cashmere sweaters are more expensive than other woolen sweater (cotton or sheep wool). But the cost is worth its quality and manufacturing. Cashmere wool means the soft undercoat hairs of the cashmere goat. This fibre is very fine and soft. Cashmere sweaters are usually available in mono colors or with beautiful authentic designs.

Where are the Cashmere Sweaters Manufacturers?

Most of the Cashmere clothing manufacturing industries are in Asian countries like India, Nepal, China, and Magnolia. There are different grades of Cashmere fiber. The best quality Cashmere is mainly from India and Nepal. These Himalayan countries manufacture pure cashmere clothing.

Due to the high altitude, the Cashmere goats find good habitat which results in best quality fibre. The cashmere sweaters manufacturing is mostly done by hand. Om Cashmeres is one of the top cashmere sweaters manufacturers in Nepal. The goods delivery is available worldwide. The hand-made work with customized designs makes the cashmere sweater more elegant.

Several Factors make Cashmere Fiber Expensive

  • Wool consumption

Making a single scarf; requires around 3 to 4 goats’ hairs. Unlike sheep, Cashmere goats are not trimmed for fiber. The person combs the hairs of the goat to get the fiber. If you have one Cashmere goat then it may take around 4 years to collect wool for one standard-sized scarf. You can only get fibre from goats in certain seasons. Once you comb the hair, you have to wait till next season.

  • Much warmer

Cashmere sweaters are warmer than other wool sweaters because cashmere fiber made from pure and soft undercoat hairs of cashmere goat. Wearing one Cashmere sweater feels much warmer than layering. You don’t have to put on extra clothing and can flaunt your beautiful Cashmere dress.

  • Laborious Job

Making cashmere sweaters and other knitwear requires lots of labour work. The cashmere fiber is very soft and fine always a craftsman always preferred to make clothing using hand technique. Most of the cashmere knitwear is prepared by hand stitching, knitting and weaving.

What is a Cashmere Sweater made out of?

Cashmere sweaters are made of wool obtained from cashmere goats (Capra Hircus) of Kashmir region. These goats live in certain climates and geographical locations. You can find cashmere goats only in the Himalayan regions of India, Nepal, China, Mongolia. Cashmere owns only 0.5 per cent of total wool production.

Most of the Cashmere wool is obtained from different parts of China and Mongolia. But the pure Cashmere wool with the best quality is obtained from Himalayan goats. Due to less production, you can find Cashmere mix with others like cotton, wool, or even silk. Due to this reason pure cashmere is expensive fiber in market.

Custom Cashmere Sweater Design

Who doesn’t want a beautiful custom embroidered cashmere sweater for a party? Cashmere sweaters manufacturing is not available everywhere as it requires good labour work and years of practice. If you are wondering how to make a custom cashmere sweater check for available manufacturers.

When you need custom cashmere sweaters, you can contact the manufacturers directly. Inform all your requirements correctly. Custom designing of cashmere wool sweater take longer time. Custom designing required some special techniques based on requirement like the color of the sweater, flower and embroidery design, type of knitting required, etc.

While giving order to start production of cashmere knitwear, you can also ask manufacturer for either use cashmere wool blend fabric or original cashmere wool. When cashmere wool fiber mix with other wool like cotton or sheep wool then its called blend cashmere.

The cost of cashmere wool blend sweater will less than original cashmere. A tag on clothes also tell you retail customer the quality of cashmere.

How Do I Care For My Cashmere Sweaters?

You have paid a good amount of money for purchasing a Cashmere sweater so you must take proper care of it. Always keep the sweater in a clean and dry place. Put some naphthalene balls to prevent any kind of damage.

The fiber is very soft and putting it into a washing machine can be a terror! You must go for a professional dry clean. Before handing your sweater, tell the dry cleaner to take extra care of the sweater. Too much chemical exposure is not good for fiber. You only need single dry cleaning once a season.

Can Cashmere Sweaters Be Hand Washed?

Yes, you can! You need a delicate and good quality detergent for washing your sweater. Don’t use the simple detergent as it can be harsh for the cashmere fiber. Therefore, buy only detergent for woolen clothes. There some specific detergent for woolen clothing specifically for cashmere clothes. Only use such washing powder to wash your expensive cashmere sweaters.

Now turn your sweater inside out and put it into warm water. Add the detergent and wait for around 5 to 7 minutes. Take out the sweater and squeeze and rinse it very gently and viola!