What is OEM Service for Fashion Designer and Clothing Brand?

We at Om Cashmeres offer OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturers) services. Which means that we can produce items exactly according to your design, measurements, fabric composition, and colour. One of OEM’s key benefits is that it gives designers total creative control. Depending on the buyer’s request, we can produce any cashmere product.

How Om Cashmeres Help Fashion Designers?

As per designers’ requirements, soft scarves, wraps, socks, sweaters, and coats, as well as custom pieces made of cashmere, merino wool, silk and other fine fibres can be created. It works as follows:

1. Talk to us about your idea/requirement

  1. The process begins with the sharing of ideas.
  2. Alternatively, you can share the blueprints or the Tech Pack of your designs.
  3. We at Om Cashmeres help companies or individuals specializing in design and specification preparations bring their ideas to life.

2. Resourcing the Materials

Identify the materials you need for your project. This can be done by yourself or we offer a service where our specialist will assist you in
choosing the right yarn or blend for each style.

Accessories, zippers, buttons, and other smaller parts shouldn’t be overlooked. Additionally, this needs to be defined at this time.

3. The prototyping and sampling process

Our team begins the work as soon as the materials and design have been confirmed. Our expert artisans create a prototype for your approval before each order, so you can test, and refine your design.

Once we receive your approval on the sample, the manufacturing process begins.

4. Sizing

Size grading with your pattern comes next when the sample has been authorized.

From the master pattern, different sizes are created through pattern grading. If the items are standard or have a distinctive style, you can use specific measurements to grade sizes up or down.

Once all sizes have been accepted and we are aware of the numbers and item breakdowns by colour and design, we can estimate the amount of material that will be used.

5. Manufacturing

Following the signing of the contract and receiving the advance payment, we will begin manufacturing the products and keep you updated on its progress.

6. Quality Inspection

Throughout the entire manufacturing process, such as selecting raw materials, dying, craftsmanship, ironing, and packaging, many expert
inspections and supervisions are carried out by our team.

7. Shipping

As soon as the manufacturing process is complete and the payment has been cleared, the product will be shipped according to the contract’s shipping method.

8. After-sales Service

We promise to remain in contact with you even after the goods have been dispatched and to resolve any issues you may encounter.

To Know More About OEM Services